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A page of adventures... our blog or anything interesting we see fit. We also told Basil this could be her primary page so who knows what she comes up with. 

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Our journey is to never lose sight of the overall experience.  To create the perfect experience for every individual igniting the senses and creating an emotional response.

SoulAina​. LLC

"A taste of the Land"



​We create a unique culinary experience to your catering needs, that brings fresh fun ingredients, and are prepared on-site using our creative and passionate culinary knowledge.

Mobile kitchen, Food truck, catering where ever My Sweet Basil is parked we are sure to bring fun fresh ingredients that satisfy. 


Local Hero Award Winner

“Fresh food, delicious menu, using locally grown and organic products. They offer amazing food that is continuously presented beautifully. The best food truck in Albuquerque. Also, they are the sweetest people you will ever come across.”

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