Owner of Soulaina, LLC. Chef of My Sweet Basil Mobile Restaurant by Soulaina. Vernon is a member of the Santo Domingo Pueblo, has many years of management experience in the industry, won several awards representing CNM and New Mexico in culinary skills. He is currently attending culinary school at CNM. Trained with Hyatt Corporations, furthering his experience working under James Beard Chefs and becoming executive chef at Vernon’s Hidden Valley Steak house. 

Chef Cassie Adams

Soulaina, LLC

I am not your normal puppy, I AM a princess!!! I mean PRINCESS!!! From comfort to necessity I will let you know what I desire, I finally have my humans trained. I will let you "my" readers know a few of my admirations of Basil, Me;  Lamb bones taste better than beef, Radishes and carrots are delicious please cut them into slivers.  A few activities that I love, chasing those ridiculous animals squirrels and rabbits, a long run in the woods, and sleeping on my feather pillow with a warm blanket. 

Chef Vernon Pajarito


Aina is the Hawaiian word meaning 'land'.Together we are Soulaina, LLC. We have worked in big corporations and big restaurants. Their standards, rules, and creative barriers have given us the concept to begin our own adventure to give back to the community, to engage with our customers, and provide a fun "Mobile restaurant" that serves great food and offers memorable caterings. Our passion is not just in the food we create, but in the smiles that are generated when experiencing what we call Soulaina, LLC. "A taste of the Land"

Chef Basil

SoulAina​. LLC

"A taste of the Land"

Owner of Soulaina, LLC. Chef of My Sweet Basil Mobile Restaurant by Soulaina.

Cassie has an education/degree in Food Anthropology and Culinary Arts, and many years of management experience in the food and hospitality industry.  Her passion is to educate customers in culture and food; with her vast cultural experience will bring, Caribbean, southern comfort, and her traditional Portuguese/Italian roots to Soulaina.  Thus introducing a memorable experience to everyone through love, passion, and happiness. The land provides the gift, our desire is to unwrap and present you it's natural beauty.